We’re proud of the dishes that we serve at Molly’s Hotte Shoppe.
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May be the best roti in town, but if you have not tried their DOUBLES or ALOO PIE, you are missing something special. Very, very good!

GTA Doubles

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Fantastic!. Had a craving for doubles and phoulori, my usual place was closed for a week. We decided to try Molly’s, although it was out of our area. The phoulories were soft and seasoned to perfection; the doubles were tasty, without that floury taste. Well everyone thoroughly enjoyed them! I haven’t tried the rotis yet, but if it is anything like the what we’ve had, then we’ll be making Mollys our regular roti spot! – Sharon on Zomato


First off Paul is a very friendly cook and owner, not to mention down to earth. I had never had roti before so this was an experience. I have had plenty Caribbean food so I am not completely in the dark. First day I tried a jerk chicken roti w/o potatoes. A couple days later I came back and tried curry chicken roti, curry goat roti, a double and another jerk chicken roti…well I got it mild for my wife and it was too warm for her but let’s start from the beginning. The jerk chicken roti on my first day I ordered hot and by no means was it close to mild! I am a hot pepper veteran so it was right up my alley but if you are not into serious heat you might not want to ask for hot. Molly’s jerk is the most flavourful I have ever tried. IMO the best thing Molly’s has to offer. Paul explained his jerk is hand blended and it took him a while to come up with the recipe….. ~ Michael on UrbanSpoon